Our House

Smokd is a new independent smokehouse restaurant, brought to you by founders Tom & Rob. We are a little bit obsessed with meat, smoke, beer and music so, Smokd was born.  

Group 125@2x


We source the best meats, add some magic dust, then smoke ‘em, low and slow (up to 15 hours) with our mishmash of hickory, oak and mesquite woods, then finish with our house slop, boom!

It’s all about you

Our house; it’s about you and your pals loving what our crew do; home smokd meats, local beer and awesome music.

Group 124@2x

Learn your cut


Our meat take ages to cook, and we want it to melt in your mouth, fodder this good takes time… so if we run out of some stuff from time to time our crew will let you know before ordering. If we’re out, we’re out out and no amount of tears is resolving this quickly! 

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